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It's Black Friday and Giving Tuesday!

29 Nov 2019

As part of the special offer bonanza that takes place around this time of year, we're pleased to be able to bring you a selection of fantastic offers from leading writing tools providers, including ProWriting Aid, Kristen Kieffer, One Stop for Writers and C S Lakin.

And for Giving Tuesday, we will be giving 50% of all profits earned on Black Friday to Room to Read, an International charity that promotes literacy and gender equality in children in low-income communities.

If you've got a few quid or dollars to spare, then please also consider donating!


Novel Factory writers software

Sign up for a free trial and use coupon code BLACKFRIDAY to get 50% off until Monday December 2nd.

The Novel Factory Online is the ultimate online novel writing software for writers. 

It includes tons of useful novel writing tools, including: 

  • How to write a novel step by step guide
  • Novel writing templates
  • Character profile development questions
  • Character bio templates
  • and so much more 

The Novel Factory software can help you achieve your dream of writing a novel - it teaches you the craft of writing, while you complete your manuscript. 

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Quotes from Novel Factory users:

"I have an MFA in Creative Writing and a second MFA in Film, and I'd recommend your software above formal schooling."

"I just wanted to say I am in love with this program! I just can't believe how much progress I've been able to make in only two days!"

“Most of all I liked the help dialogues - they were truly helpful! Excellent guidance.”


50% Off ProWritingAid Premium: grammar guru, style editor and writing mentor in one package.

This is the only time of year that ProWritingAid offers a wide, public discount on ProWritingAid Premium. Click here to get 50% off a lifetime license! Don’t miss your chance.

We all know that there is a lot more to good writing than just correct grammar. ProWritingAid created their software based on the same ideas you would learn in a university writing course.

The software addresses readability issues such as passive and hidden verbs, over-reliance on adverbs, repeated sentence starts, emotional tells and much more. These suggestions are the same as a professional copyeditor would give you (in fact many of them use ProWritingAid).

Well storied

50% Off the Well-Storied Writing Workbooks

Use discount code BLACKFRIDAY to get 50% off The Pre-Write Project, Crafting Incredible Characters, World-Building Warrior, and The Novel Planner.

Stop settling for so-so stories. Get the step-by-step guidance you need to craft truly spectacular novels with Well-Storied's writing workbooks. All Well-Storied workbooks come in PDF format and can be printed or filled digitally (with the exception of The Novel Planner, which is specifically designed for print).

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Emotional Mastery for Fiction Writers

50% Off Online Video Course: Emotional Mastery for Fiction Writers

To be an effective writer, you must master the emotional challenge of our stories. It won’t do to hope we will move our readers in some way. It won’t do to hope we get across our characters’ emotions. By examining more than 40 passages from best-selling novels, with over six hours of instruction, you will learn techniques to masterfully reveal character emotion and spark emotional response in readers. Enrollment in this online course includes lifetime access and a 30-day money-back guarantee. Join the thousand+ students who master the craft of fiction writing in Writing for Life Workshops online courses!

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Writers Stack

The Writer's Craft Superstack for only $49 - Retail value of included products: $3,137.72

Get instant access to a hand-curated collection of premium, top-class resources and software to help you craft compelling characters, riveting plots, and immersive worlds for a story readers will never forget.

Inside, find everything you need to write your masterpiece today, including...

  • 10 Premium Ecourses
  • 21 Bestselling EBooks
  • 4 Expert Masterclasses
  • Discounts on professional editing and more

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Write publish sell

50% off Building Your Author Platform Course & the bundle from Write|Publish|Sell

Use coupon code BLACKFRIDAY19 to get 50% off the course or the bundle.

The Building Your Author Platform bundle is for the author who is struggling to effectively market their book and grow their audience and fan base. There is nothing worse than working hard to create a well-written, edited, fantastic book only to have it completely flop when you launch it. This self-paced bundle of courses will help authors:

- identify their target audience

- learn how to position themselves to grow the audience

- grow the email list and social media platforms

- receive expert guidance on tools and ways to market a book

One Stop For Writers

50% Off Any One Stop for Writers Plan (1 month, 6 months, or 1 year)

To take advantage of this 50% off discount, simply sign up, add the BLACKFRIDAY code in the coupon box on the subscription page, and then choose your plan.

Ready to write your best novel yet? One Stop for Writers is a creativity portal that puts powerful storytelling tools and game-changing resources into your hands.

Build characters deeper than you thought possible, stories that capture the imagination, and worlds that your readers won't want to leave. From our hyper-intelligent Character Builder that guides you in creating fascinating characters that come with their own accurate character arc blueprint, to the largest description database for writers found anywhere online, One Stop for Writers isn't like anything else you've seen. This ideal writing partner is there at every step as you plan, write, and revise, helping you create masterful fiction.

The Ultimate Novel Writing Software

Plot your story. Develop your characters. Track your progress.

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