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Fiction Writing Tools Sherry Soule


“I love using the Novel Factory to help me polish my early drafts and flesh-out characters. The genre plot templates are a great way to inspire creativity in my work. All the features are helpful for keeping track of scenes, character backgrounds, and construct a page-turning storyline. This software is a wonderful tool for any writer at any stage in their career."

S.A. Soule, bestselling author of the Fiction Writing Tools series, and Creativity Coach.





Paul Teague Novels


"After writing my first book directly into Google Drive I quickly realised that I needed to find a much better way of planning and managing my writing. I can't even remember how I discovered The Novel Factory now, but I didn't even wait for the 7 day trial to end, the minute I opened it up, I knew it was for me and paid for my licence immediately. I have now plotted out eight novels using the software and every time I deploy it, I find new features that I can use. Writing in trilogies, it saves me a lot of time too. Several characters and plot elements carry forward throughout the books, so a quick 'save as' means that I can create the files for books 2 & 3 in a series, then adapt the files for the new storylines, adding and removing characters, locations and plot points as necessary. I save all my files into a Dropbox folder and even sync those files across two PCs. I love it! It's intuitive, helpful and educational too. I haven't found a better software and I always like to commit to products which have a history of evolving and adapting, which The Novel Factory certainly does. I have no hesitation in recommending this as a great writing tool for authors, I couldn't do without it now.

Paul Teague is the author of The Secret Bunker Trilogy, The Grid Trilogy and several non-fiction titles. His next project is a series of psychological thrillers. He is also the host of the Self-Publishing Journeys podcast.






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