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Adding a Character Viewpoint to the Subplot Manager

One of the most unique features of the Novel Factory, is the ability to add Character Viewpoint Synopsis.

Character Viewpoint Synopsis are where you follow through the story from the point of view of various sub characters, rather than only seeing it from the point of view characters which the readers will be following.

There are many advantages to doing this, including adding dimensions to your sub character, ironing out plot holes and adding texture and depth to your story.

The Character Viewpoint Synopses are added in the Characters section of the software, but you can insert them into the Subplot Manager, and view them alongside your subplots. This means you can get a good idea about what each of the characters is doing and thinking at various points in the story, while also having an overview of what else is going on.

To add a character viewpoint to the Subplot Manager, click the button in the top right hand corner: Add Character Viewpoint.

This will bring up a popup where you can select from a dropdown list of all the charaacter yous have added to the project (if you haven’t added any characters, then nothing will show here). You can also select a colour for colour coding of your character, if you wish.

Click on the name of one of your characters, then click ‘add character viewpoint’. The character viewpoint will be added as a new column:

(No information is for Brenda’s viewpoint, so her column is empty for the time being)

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