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Subscribing to the Novel Factory

If you’ve registered for a free trial, taken the software for a spin, and decided you would like to subscribe to the Novel Factory, then hooray!

To subscribe, log into your free trial account, then click the large pink button towards the top right hand side, that says ‘Subscribe Now’.

This will open a new tab with options for subscribing.

We currently offer three subscription levels: Basic, Standard and Premium. Pricing and details can be seen on the pricing page.

First, use the green button toggle to select between Annual and Monthly subscriptions.

Note that if you buy an Annual Subscription you get two months free – in essence, you pay for ten months, but you receive twelve.

Once you’ve decided which tier you’d like to sign up for, click the corresponding ‘subscribe’ button at the bottom of the relevant box.

A popup will appear that will take you through the purchase process.

Fill in the fields, and enter any discount coupons you might have.

If you encounter any problems with the subscription process, please do let us know at info@novel-software.com


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