Surviving Nanowrimo - 30 tips for 30 days

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  • Nanowrimo Tip No. 1 = NEVER LOOK BACK
  • Nanowrimo Tip No.2: What is the protagonist's goal in each scene?
  • Nanowrimo Tip No.3: Do you give your protagonist time to react to the conflicts and disasters they experience?
  • Nanowrimo Tip No.4: You need to write an average of 2000 words per day, and that gives you a few days off.
  • Manageable goals.
  • Nanowrimo Tip No.5: Give yourself rewards for reaching targets, such as 5,000 or 15,000 words.
  • Nanowrimo Tip No.6: Give yourself a day off after 10 days - you will come back the next day much more refreshed and effective.
  • Nanowrimo Tip No.7 Don't worry about grammar, punctuation, avoiding cliches or anything like that. That can all be fixed later.
  • Nanowrimo Tip No.8 Get your writing done early as possible rather than leaving it until the end of the day when you're tired.
  • Nanowrimo Tip No.9: Can you get up 30 minutes early to get a few hundred words done before the day? It's only for one month...
  • Nanowrimo Tip No.10 Don't waste time thinking of the perfect name, just use anything, with the intent to change it later
  • Nanowrimo Tip No.11: Let the house go to ruin - housework can wait - it's only one month!
  • Nanowrimo Tip No.12 Got writer's block? Try freewriting - nonsense braindumping to break you out of it
  • Nanowrimo Tip No.13 Stuck? Try thinking about a scene from the POV of a different character
  • Nanowrimo Tip No.14 Getting bogged down? Take a walk - exercise gets the blood in your brain flowing.
  • Nanowrimo Tip No.15 Remember you're just shovelling sand into a box so later you can make sandcastles!
  • Nanowrimo Tip No.16 As Ernest Hemingway (probably) said: 'The first draft of anything is shit' - so don't dwell, get it under your belt!
  • Nanowrimo Tip No.17 Don't read back what you're written - there's no time for Pete's sake - just keep writing!
  • Nanowrimo Tip No.18 You'll be hitting the wall around now - stay strong, keep thinking on the light at the end of the tunnel
  • Nanowrimo Tip No.19 Remember the mantra: Just one more sentence, just one more sentence...
  • Nanowrimo Tip No. 20. Plot and characters running rampant? Let them! You can rein it all in on the 2nd draft.
  • Nanowrimo Tip No.21 If you're getting stuck for ideas, why not try exploring the backstory of a supporting character?
  • Nanowrimo Tip No. 22 First drafts are for discovery, so let your imagination loose of its harness!
  • Nanowrimo Tip No. 23 2,000 words a day. That is the mantra of the nanoer.
  • Nanowrimo Tip No. 24 Now is not the time for editing, so don't worry about typos or cliches. In fact, wallow in them (for now)
  • Nanowrimo Tip No. 25 2k a day, 2k a day. Just keep repeating after me: 2k a day, 2k a day (That's easier to say than type)
  • Nanowrimo Tip No. 26 No TV. No Facebook. No Netflix. No Twitter (no, wait...) You can survive without for a just a few days!
  • Nanowrimo Tip No.27 Just... one... more... sentence...
  • Nanowrimo Tip No.28 You might need to pull and all-nighter if you're a bit behind - don't give up now!
  • Nanowrimo Tip No.29 Running out of ideas? Change to a different POV character and write an existing scene from their point of view…
  • Nanowrimo Tip No.30 Final day! Hopefully you'll just be staggering to the finish line now - if so CONGRATULATIONS!

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