Software Update

The current software version is 1.37

Changes in the current version:

  • Moved web services to new subdomain

Recent Updates

Version 1.36

  • Fixed missing Resources in custom export.
  • Fixed crash when deleting image notes.
  • Fixed issue where scenes sometimes fail to load.
  • Fixed broken spellchecker on scene drafts.

Version 1.34

  • Improved handling of licensing server connection.

Version 1.33

  • Added max image size (3MB)
  • Fixed character types bug
  • Added timed autosave and backups
  • Removed New Novel details/save dialog
  • Updated main menu
  • Updated welcome back dialog

Version 1.32

  • Fixed mistake in EULA - Novel Factory can be installed on unlimited machines, not just one.
  • Fixed scene synopses bugs (in planning and character viewpoints) that skipped first scene.

Version 1.31

  • Removed save path auto-fill from New Novel dialog.
  • Fixed bug where 'Continue from last save' opened wrong novel when novel was saved in New Novel dialog.

Version 1.30

  • Modified New Novel dialog to hide optional fields by default.
  • Changed some background colours to white.
  • Fixed bugs when exporting non-Latin characters.
  • Added paging to viewpoint sections, to improve performance.
  • Fixed carriage return bug in custom templates.
  • Fixed bug causing some Character fields to lose data on save/load.

Version 1.29

  • Fixed statistics bug.

Version 1.28

  • Fixed roadmap bug introduced in 1.27.

Version 1.27

  • Added new options on startup and New Novel.
  • Added loading panel to character window.
  • Changed character questionnaire to character development in roadmap and split help text.
  • Removed unnecessary intro popup for new characters.
  • Added trial extension request button to trial expired dialog.
  • Added editable start date to statistics, and stopped statistics progression after finish date.
  • Added link to online help wiki.
  • Removed the word "Chapter" from scene titles with chapter heads.
  • Added colour coding for scenes and characters.
  • Added "POV Character" to scenes.
  • Added option to save novel on creation.

Version 1.26

  • Fixed issue with textboxes losing focus on scene synopses, character introductions, questionnaire, etc.
  • Skeleton and character introduction textboxes expand when they have focus.
  • Added save button to full screen draft editor.
  • Fixed statistics graph display glitch when using US date formats.
  • Software opens with same state (normal/maximised) that it was last closed with.
  • Roadmap open/closed state maintained when software is closed/reopened.
  • Character export now only includes questionnaire items that have been answered.
  • Character archetype blank by default.
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