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The Novel Factory is software specifically designed to help in every aspect of novel writing, from conception to publication.

Writing a novel is hard. Writing a good novel is really hard. The Novel Factory makes it as straightforward as possible, by managing tedious data organisation, offering helpful advice and tips at just the right time and providing motivation and useful resources.

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Novel Writing Software

Business efficiency principles

Successful authors know that a professional writer needs structure and objectives, and needs to stick to them. From pareto's 80 / 20 principle to SMART targets, we apply efficiency theory and practice that has been developed in the business world.

Established fiction writing theory

There are many accepted principles of what makes a good story. Use the tried and tested blockbuster and bestseller formula to structure the small and large scale of your plot, ensuring you have a strong beginning, gripping middle and satisfying end.

Technological automation & data management

Organization of notes and data is a depressing, time consuming chore. The software takes care of all of that, keeping track of drafts and plot progression and making sure data about scenes, characters and locations is at your fingertips, not buried in a drawer, lost in a pile of bills and old shopping lists.

Modern teaching methodologies

Teaching has come a long way since the drilling of Victorian times. We apply modern teaching methods, including taking into account different types of learners, engaging different parts of the brain, demonstration, non-repetitive consolidation and much more.


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Novel Writing Software Features

Step-by-Step Roadmap Guide to Writing a Novel

Probably the most useful feature for newbies, but easy to tuck out of the way for more experienced novelists who already know what they’re doing.

The roadmap offers a step by step guide to take you through the various stages of writing a novel, from coming up a with a robust premise, to fleshing it out into a solid skeleton, to creating objective orientated scenes, to developing your characters, to developing themes and through the various stages of drafting. It even helps out with submitting to agents and publishers.

Intuitive and Easy to Use

Intuitive ease of use has been a top priority from day one, so our novel writing software is instantly usable from the moment you open it up. There’s no learning curve, no days, weeks or months spent mastering the system before you can get down to writing.

But there’s no need to take our word for that. We put our money where our mouth is by offering a free 30 day trial, so you can see for yourself.

Planning Development Section

It’s commonly known that there are two types of writers – planners and pantsers. Planners being those that like to plan out their novel in advance, and pantsers being those that… well, write by the seat of their pants, with no idea where the story is going.

The planning development section of our novel writing software is designed for the planners. It offers a structure for inserting premise, story skeleton, short synopsis.

Character Development Section

The novel writing software has a special section designed specifically for keeping track of characters and all their foibles. The character files come equipped with areas to keep track of all their basics statistics, as well as more detailed questionnaires, character development technique assistance, history notes, and even a character viewpoint synopsis. Read more about that below.

A great feature is also being able to add multiple images of your character, which can be added from our library or from your own computer.

Character Viewpoint Development

The Character Viewpoint Synopsis feature is a fantastic way of ensuring your characters are fully fleshed out and have their own lives throughout the novel, rather than just popping into existence when they have a scene ‘on stage’. The novel writing software allows you to write out what each character is up to during every scene, rather than only ever looking at it from the Point of View Character’s, well.. point of view.

This is invaluable for developing realistic details and three dimensional characters, and has been mentioned as one of our software’s most useful unique features.

Scene Management

This section of the software allows you to easily keep track of your scenes and drafts.

Each scene has its own ‘box’ and the boxes can be shuffled around, inserted and deleted as you wish. When open, each scene box allows you to add notes about the title, chapter heads, synopses, goals, conflicts, disasters, time and weather. It also lets you categorise the type of scene to ensure the pace and flow of your novel is correctly balanced.

You can associate characters and locations with each scene for quick reference, and also easily keep track of drafts so you never lose the old ones or lose where you are.

Location Development Section

Add locations to the novel writing software, including a general description, and specific notes on the five senses. You can also add pictures for further visual guidance, taken from our library or from your own computer.

Statistics on Your Writing Progress

Our most recent addition, the statistics tab makes it easy to set goals and keep track of your progress towards them. As well as hard numbers, there are visual diagrams, including pie charts and line graphs, to show you your progress, daily average word count, a breakdown of your novel by chapter and your progress over time.

These stats can be viewed for each draft.

Submissions Management

When you’ve finally finished your novel and you’re ready to submit, our novel writing software still comes in handy. As well as making it easy to export a correctly formatted manuscript, you can keep track of where you have submitted your manuscript and the progress of the submission.

Resources Management

Never lose a useful web page again. In the useful links section you can name and add links so that they are easily to hand whenever you need to find them again. 

Notes Tracking

Notes, notes, notes. There is space all over the place for noting down anything that occurs to you that you’re not able to implement right away.

Exporting and Importing

You can easily export some or all of your novel data and manuscript to rich text format for use in other programmes. You can also export characters and locations for importing into a different novel.


We know how precious your work is so we’ve integrated automatic backups into the software, so even if you forget to regularly save your work, The Novel Factory will keep it safe for you and ensure the minimal lost effort in the event of a computer crash.

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“I liked the simplicity any easy to navigate structure development.”

“I really liked the way it broke down the writing process and got me thinking about each section of my story. I tend to rush in with the start and know my end but don't put any thought into how to get there. I like having to write a synopsis of each section.”

“I love how the scenes are linked to the characters. That feature of being able to go through and really think about and record what each character is doing at any given moment is wonderful!”