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The Novel Factory is software specifically designed to help in every aspect of novel writing, from conception to publication.

Writing a novel is hard. Writing a good novel is really hard. The Novel Factory makes it as straightforward as possible, by managing tedious data organisation, offering helpful advice and tips at just the right time and providing motivation and useful resources.

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The advice and step-by-step instructions were invaluable

Novel Writing Software

Business efficiency principles

Successful authors know that a professional writer needs structure and objectives, and needs to stick to them. From pareto's 80 / 20 principle to SMART targets, we apply efficiency theory and practice that has been developed in the business world.

Established fiction writing theory

There are many accepted principles of what makes a good story. Use the tried and tested blockbuster and bestseller formula to structure the small and large scale of your plot, ensuring you have a strong beginning, gripping middle and satisfying end.

Technological automation & data management

Organization of notes and data is a depressing, time consuming chore. The software takes care of all of that, keeping track of drafts and plot progression and making sure data about scenes, characters and locations is at your fingertips, not buried in a drawer, lost in a pile of bills and old shopping lists.

Modern teaching methodologies

Teaching has come a long way since the drilling of Victorian times. We apply modern teaching methods, including taking into account different types of learners, engaging different parts of the brain, demonstration, non-repetitive consolidation and much more.


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“I liked the simplicity any easy to navigate structure development.”

“I really liked the way it broke down the writing process and got me thinking about each section of my story. I tend to rush in with the start and know my end but don't put any thought into how to get there. I like having to write a synopsis of each section.”

“I love how the scenes are linked to the characters. That feature of being able to go through and really think about and record what each character is doing at any given moment is wonderful!”