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Key Features to Help you Write Your Novel

Step-by-step guide to writing a novel
How to write a novel - a roadmap
Step-by-step guide to writing a novel
The Roadmap is an exclusive feature of The Novel factory. It guides new writers through a tried and tested step-by-step process from idea to final manuscript. The beauty of it is that you write your novel as you learn the craft of writing.
Novel Plotting Software
Plan your Story Arc
The planning section gives you all the tools and structures you need to ensure the plot of your novel is solid, consistent and satisfying. It includes sections for premise, story skeleton, short synopses, extended synopsis and scene summaries.
Novel Character Manager
Your Cast of Characters
View all of your characters in the overview, or open them up to see full details, including introduction, basic info, questionnaire, viewpoint synopsis, history and notes. You can add multiple images to each character and categorise them as protagonist, antagonist, supporting, etc.
Book Writing Software - scene manager
Get Stuck in to Scenes
The scenes tab gives you an overview of scenes and plot points. Once you open up each scene you can work on various drafts of that scene, associate characters and locations, add goal and conflict info and view or edit the scene synopsis. There is also space to note the time and weather of each scene.
Distraction free writing program
Customisable writing space
The writing view is designed to feel familiar and comfortable and to aid writing by keeping line widths within optimum readability standards. You can have your notes and the characters in that scene visible while you type, or dock them out of the way. The Novel Factory also features a full screen editing mode for distraction free working.
Keep track of progress against targets
Writing statistics tracker
Targets and Statistics
Keep an eye on your word count and see if you’re on track to your novel’s completion date. Set targets and watch your progress, average writing speed and novel breakdown.

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