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Watch our short video to find out how our novel writing app can help you increase your writing productivity: including story and plot development, characterisation, goal setting, drafting, editing and more.

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Character Development Questionnaires

Novel Character Software
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View all of your characters in the overview, or open them up to see full details, including introduction, basic info, questionnaire, viewpoint synopsis, history and notes.

Purpose built for Novel notes

Novel Software
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No more digging around in desk drawers. Use the sections to organise all your notes right from the start, with everything easy to find in a few clicks.

Step-by-step guide to writing a novel

How to write a novel - a roadmap
(Online version pictured)
The Roadmap gathers together tried and tested theory from leading novelists and scriptwriters, with practical bite-size tasks so beginners can learn the craft of writing - while completing their first novel.
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“I love how the scenes are linked to the characters.”

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“So far, it's helped me make unbelievable progress, and the built in tutorials have helped me structure my novel.”

best novel writing program

“The questions create a flow of information I didn't know I already had planned.”

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