Novel Factory just got even better at helping you finish your novel

Novel Factory 3.0 helps you stay organized as you write and guides you step-by-step through writing a novel. It’s like having a digital writing desk that someone else has already organized for you.

Here’s some important questions for you:

Do you have a story idea burning inside you?

Have you been vigorously writing down your thoughts for the next bestseller?

Do you have pages of notes on your character arcs, your plot points, and your setting?

Now here’s the tricky one: Where are your notes right now?

Common answers include:

  • “They are scattered in a ton of digital docs all over my computer…””
  • “I have them on scratch paper and post-it notes, which are somewhere in my home. Probably.”
  • “I use a journal. Then another when I get bored with the first. Then another. And those are also around here...somewhere”
  • “I had them in my Notes app, until my phone broke, and I lost everything”
  • “Uhhh...don’t know”

Most novels are left unfinished because the author was simply not focused.

Distraction is the #1 source of procrastination.

Does that sound like you? Don’t worry...there’s a simple fix for that.

And if you still have your ideas in your head, don’t worry – this is for you too.

Novel Factory 3.0 is the new and improved version of the novel writing tool that helps you not only stay organized, but also helps you build your story from the ground up. From subplot points to themes, from your characters likes/dislikes to their hair color, Novel Factory keeps all your notes ready and assembled at your fingertips.

Beats sticking post-it notes to your wall, doesn’t it?

A lack of organization will keep you from achieving your goal – after all, the less time spent looking for your notes and trying to plan your plot from scratch is more time spent actually writing.

We should know, since Novel Factory is created by writers, for writers.

The all-new Novel Factory 3.0
Novel Factory 3.0 — Character Development

How does Novel Factory help writers finish their books?


  • Individual spaces for notes let you access information on everything from characters to scenery as you write. These can even be stored on a sidebar while you write your draft for easy access to your notes.
  • Scene management provides an easy way to reorder your scenes with the click of a button. You can even link each scene to key information such as important characters or locations
  • Intuitive viewing presents diverse ways to view and organize your notes, either as index cards, grids and customisable panels
  • The plot manager offers easy to use drag-and-drop index cards, which allow you to reorganize, color-code, and plan chapters, link characters, and plot points while cross-referencing your notes
  • Plot templates help you lay out a story like the pros. Each stage in the plot templates comes with detailed information that help guide you step-by-step through the main beats of your story
  • A new and improved notes section good enough to be an app all its own. Add text notes, images, links, and more while arranging your notes on the digital corkboard however you like.

Data Management…

  • The Statistics tab keeps track of your word count and writing rate each day. By setting targets and keeping track of your goals, it’ll be easier to get the motivation to write more!
  • Tracking manageable goals can help keep you focused to the finish line of writing a novel. Never feel like you don’t have a clear direction every again as you work through the grind of the middle of your book

Deeper Characterization and Worldbuilding…

  • The Character Manager brings characters to life with a template to help you flesh out every detail. What’s your character’s profession? Their nationality? What do they look like, and what do they hold dear? If you’re struggling with adding depth to certain characters, this tool also provides plenty of helpful prompts to get your gears turning!
  • The Location Tab helps you build an immersive setting for each location in your story. Just like the Character Manager, it provides inspiring prompts to dig deep into your fictional world: What smells and sounds are in this location? What major events happen there?
  • Image Galleries are available for each character and location, and can be an excellent source of inspiration. Upload as many images that you feel capture the “essence” of your character or location as you like!

And last but not least, the centerpiece of Novel Factory Software…

The Step-by-Step Writing Roadmap

The Roadmap is a tried and true storytelling guide that draws on the same methods used to create award-winning novels and movies.

Presented with clear and concise information, this feature guides you all the way from writing a premise to getting published.

Best of all, the Roadmap is for everyone. For both new writers and published professionals, for both meticulous planners and pantsers (writers who fly by the seat of their pants and write without a plan), all sorts can find something to love about the Roadmap.

Already completed your first draft? Congratulations! The Roadmap can also be used to retroactively check your work and add detail for a richer and more developed storyline.

NF3 laptop mockup next to plant PLOT TEMPLATES
Novel Factory 3.0 — Templates

...But how much does Novel Factory cost?

We know how hard it is to fit writing into daily life. You’re probably trying to find just a couple hours in between your full-time career and family life to work on something you’ve been dreaming about.

That’s why we keep Novel Factory as low-cost as we can, without removing any of the benefits. While a full college course would take thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours, Novel Factory fits the most important lessons into an affordable and easy to use system for you to do on your own time.

Each and every one of the features above is available in the latest version of Novel Factory for only $7.50 a month.

That’s less than a quarter a day, leaving you with enough to buy a latte to enjoy while you work.

Try Novel Factory for Free

We are so sure that Novel Factory will completely upgrade your way of writing a novel that we want you to try it for free for 30 days.

This 30-day free trial comes with zero strings attached. We won’t ask for credit card information, we just want you to try it out. If Novel Factory doesn’t make your writing organized and consistent, simply don’t sign up. No hard feelings, no questions asked.


Frequently Asked Questions

NF3 laptop mockup pink flowers STATISTICS
Novel Factory 3.0 — Analytics and Progress

Now that you know what Novel Factory offers – a complete map to finishing your story, a 30-day risk-free trial, and countless tools to improve your writing – it’s time to ask yourself another question:

“Where do I want my story to be a year from now?”

Maybe you want it published. Maybe you want to finish your first draft. Maybe you just want to get halfway there.

Whatever your goal is, you have a story burning inside you that needs to come out. Through tools to help strengthen and enhance your characters and locations, a manager for all your chapters, subplots, and themes, and statistical trackers to keep you cruising through your novel at a consistent pace, Novel Factory helps that story come to life.

Don’t spend the next few months scrambling to look for your notes – an organized writer is a confident writer. And a confident writer finishes their book.

Let Novel Factory help you finish yours.