Character Archetypes

This character archetype resource has been collated with authors in mind - in order to give writers a reference when creating and developing characters.

We have researched the most popular personality type categories that exist across mythology, business, psychology and spirituality.

For each of the categories, we have put together a brief paragraph summary of the traits of each personality type. Unlike many resources which may need to be more sensitive to people's feelings about their own personality type, we have tried to get a good balance of positive and negative traits, rather than having a strong skew towards the positive - because as we know, flawed characters are the more interesting ones.

In most cases we have also created an infographic.

Character archetypes and personality types are only ever meant to be used for inspiration, as a starting point. They are not intended to be used as copy and paste characters.

It is up to the writer to use the information given and develop it in their own unique way.

Click on the links below to view the various catregories of personality types:



Western Zodiac Signs

Chinese Zodiac Animals