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Use Novel Factory to Write Your Novel Completely Risk-Free for 30 Days

Writing a novel is a daunting task, but with the right tools, you can simplify the process of finishing your manuscript and get your story into the hands of your readers.

When you finally get the time to write, the last thing you want to do is waste it by hunting down your novel’s notes.

Did you write down that great idea from yesterday in a notebook?

Maybe in a notes app.

But which one?

How are you supposed to stay focused if you can’t stay organized?

And let’s face the facts; the writers that can focus are the writers that finish their novels.

That’s where The Novel Factory writing software comes in.

With Novel Factory, you won’t ever have to hunt down that stray scrap paper you jotted notes on again. Take your novel from idea to manuscript all in one organized and easy to use place.

But you aren’t just getting a digital file cabinet. Novel Factory has specialized software tools that will help you flesh out your characters, give life to your world-building, and keep your reader interested in every scene.

And now, you can try Novel Factory FREE for 30 days.

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If after 30 days you aren't convinced it will make your novel writing so much easier, you can cancel hassle-free.

"I absolutely adore the Novel Factory software and so do all my writer buddies. 🙂 It's helped me publish 3 books as of this date and I'm working on my 4th!"

— Rhiannon D. Elton

Here's what you get inside The Novel Factory...

  • Organization for all of your novel's notes in one place

    Save time and avoid hunting down paper notes and trying to keep digital file folders organized. The Novel Factory offers clear, prominent structures for notes on everything from plot, to characters, to locations, and so much more.

  • The ability to write anywhere, on any device

    Novel Factory 3.0 comprises a Web app and a Windows Desktop app. With the Web app you can work on any device with an Internet connection. And with the Windows Desktop, you can work locally on your PC, and even disconnect from the Internet if you wish. The two apps synchronise, so you can switch between then at will. You can jot down idea on your phone on the train to work, peek at character notes on lunch on your work computer, and finish drafting a scene as you unwind back at home.


  • A guide through every step of the novel writing process

    The Roadmap feature is an optional step-by-step guide to writing a novel that takes you from premise to final manuscript and beyond. It draws on tried and tested storytelling methods that are used in best-selling novels and blockbuster movies.

  • A planner to help you develop your plot

    The Plot Manager takes a systematic approach to building a strong plot from basic building blocks. It includes plot templates for popular genres to get you started. The corkboard interface allows you to drag and drop index cards to shuffle your plot into great shape.

  • Tools to keep track of individual plot points

    The subplot manager allows you to create columns for plot threads, themes, items, and characters and cross-reference notes with particular scenes. Drag and drop these plot points to effortlessly reorganize parts of your plot.

  • Organization of all your novel's scenes

    Split your novel into scenes that can shuffle with a simple click and then drag them where you want them to go. You can enter, edit, and view key information relating to each scene and even link characters and locations to a given scene.

  • A handy overview of your notes while you write

    As you write you will have any notes you need available to you. In an info panel on the right of your draft you can view linked characters, locations, the scene synopsis, plot points and other notes.

  • Different ways to view your scenes

    You can choose to view your scenes in different ways, either as cards, subplot manager, or table view. (coming soon)

  • An in-depth character management tool

    View your entire cast of characters at a glance or open their individual tabs and view their detailed character profiles. These profiles can be used to include everything you need about your characters, including their motivation, archetype, physical description, background, voice, and more. The character section is designed to provide prompts and guidance to help you create truly memorable, complex characters that capture your readers' hearts.

  • Character creation centered on their point-of-view

    The Novel Factory encourages you to experience your novel through the eyes of each of your main characters with Character Viewpoint Synopses. This adds depth, texture, and realism to the plot and characters.

  • Manage your stories' locations all in one place

    The Locations tab allows you to write down details for all of your novel's settings, including multiple images to spark your inspiration. It encourages you to consider all of the senses in your descriptions to build a truly immersive story world. It includes prompts to help you consider the physical landscape, but also the social and political aspects that might be important to your story.

  • Images for your characters and world to inspire you

    You’re not limited to adding a single image to characters and locations; add as many as you like and view them in the gallery or in full.

  • A super simple user experience

    Don’t waste any time when you first start using The Novel Factory, learning all the ins and outs. Unlike some other writing programs out there, The Novel Factory is completely intuitive from the first time you open it. One user even said: “Your seven-year-old kid could use it.”

  • The ability to go back in time

    With the “Turn Back Time” feature, you can view automatically saved previous versions of your draft at any time. Write fearlessly knowing you have a previous save ready to go.

  • Export your work to wherever you need

    You can export your manuscript and all your notes to Word, whenever you want.

  • Track your statistics

    The Statistics section allows you to keep track of your word count and set writing objectives, as well as showing scene breakdowns and tracking your progress towards your goals.

Here's what you get inside The Novel Factory...

The best part about The Novel Factory is that it won’t break the bank. You can start using the powerful organizational novel writing tools The Novel Factory has to offer for just $7.50 a month (That’s less than a quarter a day.) And if you sign up annually, you get two months free!

You’ll more than likely be paying less for the software that will help you build your novel from scratch than for the coffee you’ll be drinking while writing.

Take a look at the payment plans here:


$75 / Year Two months free!
$7.50 / Month
  • One Novel
  • 50MB Storage
  • All features included
  • Perfect if you're just starting out.


$198 / Year Two months free!
$20 / Month
  • Unlimited Novels
  • 500MB Storage
  • All features included
  • Great for writers with multiple novels.


$600 / Year Two months free!
$60 / Month
  • Unlimited Novels
  • 5GB Storage
  • All features included
  • Aimed at writers of multiple epic novels.


Try Novel Factory Risk-Free for 30 Days

"I love The Novel Factory. It is so great at helping with organizing a novel and gives you fun visual additions to make your characters and locations seem more realistic."

— Anella Aker

Where do you want to see your novel in a month?

In the next few weeks, are you still going to be hunting down and gathering all of your notes you’ve jotted down about this story idea burning inside you?

Will you still be afraid to get started because you aren’t sure you can tackle the task of finishing a novel?

Or is it finally time to get organized?

Once you get access to The Novel Factory, you can finally get focused. You’ll know exactly where you left off every time you come back to write with all of your notes in one place.

With The Novel Factory, your characters will be fleshed out, immersive, and something that resonates with your readers. You’ll be cruising through each chapter you write, confident that your locations, characters, and scenes are all organized in one place.

And you will finally be on your way to finishing the novel of your dreams.

Take the next step in your writing career, and try The Novel Factory for free for 30 days.