Writer’s Resources

Writer smarter, not harder.

Below you will find a range of resources aimed at helping writers to become more skilled, proficient and efficient.

All of the resources listed below are available completely free and in full.

If you find the resources useful, then you should probably check out The Novel Factroy software, because all of these resources are integrated into the Novel Factory in a complete and coherent whole.

The Novel Factory has been likened to having an entire writing course or mentor, with everything laid out and presented to you exactly when you need it.

But for now, feel free to check out the writing resources below.

The Novel Writing Roadmap

The Novel Writing Roadmap is a complete step by step guide to writing a novel. Aimed at new writers, or pantsers who would like to have a go at using a more structured approach, the Roadmap starts with a premise and ends with (hopefully) publication.

With sixteen steps, each one explained with an article, and with examples and links to further information, the Novel Writing Roadmap has helped writers achieve their writing goals like never before.

The Ultimate Character Questionnaire

The Ultimate Character Questionnaire is one of our most popular resources. With over 150 questions organised into categories such as appearance, personality, love, politics, possessions, values, daily life and much more, the questionnaire can help prompt you to building fascinating, three dimensional characters.

The Ultimate World Building Questionnaire

The Ultimate World Building Questionnaire contains over 130 questions to help build your fantasy, sci-fi or dystopian world. It covers categories such as physics, magic, religion, population, language, work and culture, trade and conflict, governance and much more. Use the questions to build a realistic and nuanced world for your characters to get into trouble in.

Character Archetypes

Used effectively, character archetypes can be a powerful tool for creating and developing a cast of characters that are diverse and driven. We've researched and summarised five different archetype theories: Jungian, Enneagram, Western Zodiac, Chinese Zodiac and Myers-Briggs. Use the ones which work best for you to springboard your character development.

Plot Outlines

The vast majority of successful books and movies follow tried and tested structures that have proven to impact on the human psyche in an effective way to make the reader or audience feel caught up in the action and emotionally involved. These plot outlines are basic skeletons to use as templates to ensure your plot has all the basic building blocks, without telling you what your story is about or how to write it.

Book Writing Worksheets

All the data in these book writing worksheets is integrated into the Novel Factory for convenience and efficiency. However, for those of you who prefer to print things out and keep them in a beautiful colour coded ring binder, these printable PDFs have been created for you.


We're big fans of Nanowrimo and have put together a range of resources to help Nanoers on the mission to write 50,000 words in the month of November each year. These resources include rules to follow to maximise your chances of winning the game, advice on how to turn your nano baby into a final manuscript and links to further resources on how to write a novel (or first draft) in 30 days.