Our Favourite Writing Tools for 2024

Having the right tools can make a huge difference to getting the right result, so we’ve put together a list of our favourite tools and resources for writers in 2023.

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Note that some of the links below are affiliate links – however, we only recommend products and services we genuinely believe in, and in most cases have used ourselves.

ProWriting Aid

ProWriting Aid analyses your writing and gives you feedback on readability. It’s very sophisticated, and offers feedback on sentence length, use of adverbs, sticky sentences. vocabulary levels, and much, much more. You can try it for free, or get a paid subscription for extra features.

Click here to visit the ProWriting Aid website and find out more.


Scribophile is probably the best and most popular online critique community on the Internet. You can sign up and then get feedback on your work, and give feedback to others. Giving and recieving this sort of feedback is one of the best ways to improve as a writer.

Click here to visit the Scribophile website and find out more.

Query Tracker

Query tracker is a site designed to assist authors who are at the stage of querying their novel. It contains a database of the majority of active agents across the world, which you can search in order to get a shortlist of good matches. You can record your progress, including the results. Even better, you can find out a lot more information about the agent, and roughly where your submission is sitting in their submission queue. You can compare agent responses with other authors and also read reviews of people’s experiences with agents – in order to avoid any bad eggs.

Click here to visit the Query Tracker website and find out more.


Bookbaby provides editing, printing and cover design services for self publishing. They have a range of experts who can provide high quality services at a reasonable cost.

Click here to visit the Bookbaby site and find out more.


Goodkindles is a grass roots site which helps authors promote their self-published books. They offer a range of ways to get your book in front of potential readers, at very affordable prices, and have built up a decent platform for doing so.

Click here to visit the Goodkindles site and find out more.

Jericho Writers

Jericho Writers is a great resource for a range of writing needs. They offer editorial services, in-person and online events, tutored courses and they have one of the leading literary agent databases. Their support and advice are suitable for new writers who are finding their feet, and also writers who have finished their manuscript and are ready to start querying literary agents. They offer free and premium memberships, and a writing community called Townhouse so that writers can meet and interact with other writers.

Jericho Writers’ online tutored courses are definitely worth checking out, as they help you enhance your book step by step.

Click here to find out more about their courses.

Savannah Gilbo

Savannah’s blog is one of the best out there for advice on writing and editing, covering the key topics you need to know about, such as Show Don’t Tell, Opening Chapters, Editing, Themes and more more. A professional book coach, Savannah has a way of providing clear, accurate, actionable advice in a way that really resonates with the Novel Factory’s ethos.

Click here to visit Savannah’s blog and start learning.


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