What is a Foil Character? The Secret to Making Your Characters Shine

When you’re writing your novel, you want every element of your story to shine. You want your reader to close the last page remembering your characters, your plot, and your settings, and to think “Wow! That book had some really memorable characters!” And few ways are better at making your characters vibrant and distinct than…

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How to Write a Mystery Novel: 6 Tips to Create Nail-Biting Suspense

In this article, we’re going to explore the art of mystery novels – looking at what makes a good mystery novel and how you can create suspense that keeps your readers on the edge of their seats, and weave a conundrum that keeps them guessing… What makes a good mystery novel? All good novels contain…

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A Mystery Novel Template / Cheatsheet / Outline

Thrillers and mysteries are one of the most popular genres. Mystery readers gobble them up and are hungry for more. So if you want to write novels, this is a great genre to get into. And writing a mystery can be hugely satisfying. But it’s hard. There are clues to seed, tension to ratchet up,…

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The Hero’s Journey Examples in Popular Fiction

If you like this, you’ll LOVE the Novel Factory. It conatins character builders, plot templates, writing guides and so much more. Click here to claim your FREE 30 day trial! As part of our series of resources on the Hero’s Journey, we’ve put together some Hero’s Journey examples in popular fiction. The examples below are:…

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Character Motivation: The Key to Creating Powerful Characters

There are many aspects to creating fictional characters which are important – backstory, flaws, quirks, and relationships, for example. But if you want to write stories that keep your readers gripped, then there’s one aspect of character creation you really need to make sure you understand and master. And that’s character motivation. Motivation is where…

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how to end a novel

How to End a Story: A Guide for Novelists

You’ve got a great idea for a story. You’ve got great characters, a gripping plot, and breathtaking locations.  The only problem is, you’re not sure how to end your novel to give it the greatest possible impact. Should you have a happily ever after? Should you leave it on a cliffhanger to make sure the reader…

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Novel and Script Editing Tips For Beginners

We are extremely pleased to bring this guest post to you where top editor David Ferris shares his top tips for editing your work. David has 15+ years of editing experience, including with one of the Big Four publishers. Read on to gain insider guidance from a pro.   Whether revising or rewriting, novelists and…

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how to outline a novel

How to Outline a Novel: Get a Novel Framework

Novels have shape. Not only do they have a beginning, middle, and end, but a good novel will have peaks of conflict and excitement and quieter moments of reflection and emotional connection. They will rise towards a satisfying climax and conclusion, but not without taking some detours and unexpected turns on the way. So how…

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Inciting Incident: How to Grab Your Readers’ Attention

If you’ve been writing for a while it’s likely you’ve heard the term ‘Inciting Incident’. But do you know exactly what is meant by that term – and more importantly, do you know how to write an effective Inciting Incident? If you’d like to master this dramatic element and use it to strengthen not just the beginning…

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plot holes

10 Plot Hole Types and How to Fix Them

Do you worry about plot holes in your story? You want to give your readers an engrossing, believable experience. You don’t want a glaring spotlight shining on the gaps you failed to correct in your story. So do you have to find and fix every plot hole you can? Well, it depends. Can glaring plot…

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