Dabble vs. Scrivener: The Writing Tool That Suits You

So you’re looking for ways to organize your writing projects while at the same time having the freedom to write at your own pace, and still make the deadline. And in your quest to find the best writing app, you come across Dabble and Scrivener–two of the most powerful and well-known writing tools on the…

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Our Favourite Writing Tools for 2024

Having the right tools can make a huge difference to getting the right result, so we’ve put together a list of our favourite tools and resources for writers in 2023. If you find this useful, you may want to consider signing up to our mailing list (link below), because we send out newsletters a couple…

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scrivener vs evernote

Scrivener vs. Evernote: The Best Writing Tool For Your Needs

Writing can be so demanding and overwhelming at times. From managing your notes to conducting research to writing your first draft and editing it, and everything in between. As a writer, you need to be able to focus on what’s important: writing.  Luckily, there are plenty of writing softwares out there designed to alleviate the…

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LivingWriter vs Scrivener

LivingWriter vs. Scrivener: Which Is Better for You?

You’re looking for a great piece of writing software, so you’re trying to find the main differences between Living Writer and Scrivener. That’s a great idea. Because both tools have some significant pros and cons. And depending on your needs and ultimate goals, one could much better suit you than the other. That’s why we’ve…

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scrivener alternatives

7 Scrivener Alternatives That Might Be Better For You

Lots of writers love Scrivener. And for good reason. It’s a robust writing software that helps you organize, write, and format your book. But many writers assume it’s the best writing software for them and forgo researching their other options. This is a mistake—one I’m very glad you aren’t making. Because, as you’ll see in…

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flipping book and laptop

Scrivener vs. Ulysses: A Face-off Between Two Writing Apps

The writing process can get real strenuous real quick. From conducting research to keeping tabs on your notes to belting out your first draft and then editing it, there are many moving parts to keep track of. Every writer needs a simple tool that streamlines all these action items and allows them to focus on…

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The Best Novel Writing Software in 2024: A Comparison of Ten of the Most Popular Apps

There are many ways to write a novel – and I’m not talking planners and pantsers right now. I’m talking about how you get the actual novel from your head and onto a sheet of paper (even if that’s a digital sheet of paper). Some people swear by old school pen and paper, writing everything out longhand. Others…

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How and Why I Use The Novel Factory (video)

Ever wondered how authors plot their stories? Paul Teague, writer of ‘The Grid‘ and ‘The Secret Bunker‘ trilogies and host of the Self-Publishing Journeys podcast, has recorded a video tour to illustrate how he uses the Novel Factory software when he writes his thrillers. Watch the video below to see how Paul plots out key events,…

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The Novel Factory Online is now LIVE!

We are pleased to announce that as well as being available for Windows desktop, the Novel Factory is now available online. This means that the program is now available to writers on any platform, including Mac users. This will not affect the windows desktop version – if you prefer to stick with that one, then…

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