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Registering for a free trial

To get started with the Novel Factory, the first thing you need to do is register for a free trial.

We don’t believe you should have to hand over any money before having tried out the software to see if it suits you, so we offer a free, fully-functioning 30-day trial, with no credit card details required.

How to register for a free trial

Go to the homepage of our website, and click on the big green button that says ‘Get a Free 30 Day Trial’.

Enter your display name, email and password, and click ‘Register’.

When you enter the software for the first time, it will show you two introduction popups with key information about using the software.

The first gives a little information about what the Novel Factory is all about, and advice on how to get help and support:

The second gives you three quick tips to help you get off to a good start with the software:


Those three tips are:

  • You use the main vertical navigation bar on the left to move between the main sections of the software
  • You can hide or show the sidebars which appear in various sections by using the little arrow tabs found near the bottom of the sidebars
  • Many panels have context menu buttons which appear when you hover over the panels (these have been dome this way to avoid clutter on the main interface). You can click on these context menus to access more options

Once these popups are complete, you land directly in your free trial.

Next you might want to take a look at Start your novel in the Novel Factory.


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