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Spelling Checker / Spellcheck

The Novel Factory utilises the grammar or spelling checker which is provided by your browser, so the functions that are available to you will vary depending on which browser you have logged in on or used to download the desktop version of the app.

Using the spelling checker in Chrome

We recommend Google ‘s Chrome for getting the best experience from the software, and this applies for the spelling checker as well. This is because due to Google’s wide reach and capacity for crowdsourcing data from its gargantuan sources, it’s spelling functions are arguably by far the best.

In most cases, Google’s spellchecker will be on as standard and you won’t have to do anything to activate it. It will highlight words it doesn’t recognise with a red squiggly line:

If you are not seeing these red underlines, then you may need to turn on the spell checker (see next section).

If you see a word underlined, you can right click on it to get suggestions for correct spellings:


Turning on the spell checker

If you suspect the spellchecker might not be turned on, you can turn it on like this:

  • Right click somewhere on the page
  • On the menu that appears, hover over Spell Check
  • On the sub menu that appears, click Use Basic Spell Check or Use Enhanced Spell Check.

You can use this same submenu to select your preferred language.

Advanced Spell check functions

Once you have the spell check turned on, you can right click on a word and choose to add it to the dictionary.

Here is more information from Google about their spellchecking function: https://support.google.com/chrome/answer/12027911?hl=en-gb

Using spell checkers in other browsers

If you are using different browsers then you will need to check their support and documentation for details on how to activate and use their spell checkers.

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