Related Info Sidebar

The related into sidebar or side panel can be found in the following sections:

  • Plot Manager (when a scene is selected)
  • Manuscript section (when a scene is selected)
  • Character Details
  • Locations Details
  • Item Details

The panel works the same in all these sections, except when a scene is selected there are a few extra scene specific panels and filters available.

The related info side panel can be opened by clicking on the little tab towards the bottom right of the screen. It can be tucked out of the way by clicking on the same tab.

This panel shows all associated information for the selected Scene.

Important note – as every Scene is linked to an Index Card, they share the same related info. So whatever you add to a Scene will also be visible when you go to view the associated Index Card in the Plot Manager.

There are a range of fields which are included in the Related Info of Scene as default, including: POV character, weather, date and time, and goal to decision cycle.

You can also link characters, locations, items and other scenes to a Scene.

To link something to the selected scene, click the little chain link icon towards the top right of the Related Info panel. This will expand the ‘link something’ field. (This ‘link something’ field may already be visible if you have opened it before).


Click where it says ‘link something’, and a list of all the available things to the linked will appear.

Select the desired item and click on it to link it to the Scene.

Note that if you start typing in the search box, the list of linkable options will be filtered by what you type.

Linking subplots

Subplots work a little differently to the other things you can link.

In the subplot manager, if a plot event is aligned with a scene, then it will automatically show in the Related Info for the Scene.

If you want to move a plot event to a different scene, this needs to bo done from within the Subplot Manager.

Please see the section on the Subplot Manager for more information on how this works.

Important – we are currently in the process of updating the subplot manager, and this major update should be released very soon.

You can use the icons in the toolbar to filter which related info is visible in the Related Info sidebar.

When all the icons are set to visible, all related info will be shown. However, you can choose to temporarily hide specific sections of the related info as follows:

  • Scene Details
  • Subplots
  • Characters
  • Scenes
  • Locations
  • Items
  • Notes

When you click on one of those icons, a strikethrough will appear over it. This indicates that the related info from that section (i.e. characters) is now hidden.

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