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Turn Back Time (Version History)

The software includes a Turn Back Time or Version History feature, which automatically saves your work at regular intervals and allows you to browse through the saved versions in order to acces work that might have been changed or deleted since.

In order to use the Turn Back Time feature, look for the little clock icon:

This can be found in the manuscript section towards the top right, but we will be adding it to other sections as time goes on.

In order to view previous versions of one of your scenes, open the appropriate scene, then click the Turn Back Time button.

It will open a popup that looks like this:

On the left you will see your current draft of that scene. On the right will start out blank, but at the top is a dropdown, which you can access by clicking where it says: Pick an older version to compare.

Choose one of those options and click on it, to bring up the historical version side by side with your current version.

Text that has been added in the current version will be highlighted in green on the left, and text that has been deleted and is no longer present in the current version, will be highlighted in red on the right. Any text which is the same between the two versions will not be highlighted.

If you’d like to revert to the older version, click the ‘Revert to this version’ button towards the top right:

However, if you don’t want to fully revert then you can highlight and copy the text you’d like to keep from the old version. Then close the Turn Back Time popup and paste the text in where appropriate.

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