LivingWriter vs Scrivener

LivingWriter vs. Scrivener: Which Is Better for You?

You’re looking for a great piece of writing software, so you’re trying to find the main differences between Living Writer and Scrivener. That’s a great idea. Because both tools have some significant pros and cons. And depending on your needs and ultimate goals, one could much better suit you than the other. That’s why we’ve…

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how to outline a novel

How to Outline a Novel: Get a Novel Framework

Novels have shape. Not only do they have a beginning, middle, and end, but a good novel will have peaks of conflict and excitement and quieter moments of reflection and emotional connection. They will rise towards a satisfying climax and conclusion, but not without taking some detours and unexpected turns on the way. So how…

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The Ultimate Fiction Book Cover Checklist

The old saying might work for not making snap judgements about people, but when it comes to books, you most certainly can judge them by their covers. Or you should be able to, anyway. If you’re a writer, then getting the right cover designed might be the most important decision you can make. Because if…

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scrivener alternatives

7 Scrivener Alternatives That Might Be Better For You

Lots of writers love Scrivener. And for good reason. It’s a robust writing software that helps you organize, write, and format your book. But many writers assume it’s the best writing software for them and forgo researching their other options. This is a mistake—one I’m very glad you aren’t making. Because, as you’ll see in…

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flipping book and laptop

Scrivener vs. Ulysses: A Face-off Between Two Writing Apps

The writing process can get real strenuous real quick. From conducting research to keeping tabs on your notes to belting out your first draft and then editing it, there are many moving parts to keep track of. Every writer needs a simple tool that streamlines all these action items and allows them to focus on…

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What Is an Anti-Villain?

In a nutshell, an anti-villain is a character who plays the role of the antagonist in the story, but who does not have the typical traits associated with a villain. In this article, we’ll explore the concept of an anti-villian in literature in a lot more detail, including what defines one, and how to create…

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5 Signs Your Protagonist Just Isn’t Working

By Lewis Jorstad – Guest Post for The Novel Factory A compelling protagonist is a key part of writing a good novel. However, it’s also a tricky one. Protagonists carry a lot of responsibilities, from driving your plot to resolving your story’s conflict, shaping your reader’s experience, and more. A poorly written protagonist not only…

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Inciting Incident: How to Grab Your Readers’ Attention

If you’ve been writing for a while it’s likely you’ve heard the term ‘Inciting Incident’. But do you know exactly what is meant by that term – and more importantly, do you know how to write an effective Inciting Incident? If you’d like to master this dramatic element and use it to strengthen not just the beginning…

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What Is a Secondary Character and How Do You Use Them?

As authors, we rightfully spend a lot of time thinking about our primary or main characters – discovering what drives them, where they came from and where they fall short. But it’s a big mistake to spend all your time on your protagonist, and neglect your secondary characters. Secondary characters – also known as supporting…

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Show, Don’t Tell: Understand It Once and For All

“Don’t tell me the moon is shining. Show me the glint of light on broken glass.” Anton Chekhov If you’ve been writing for any amount of time, you’ve probably come across the phrase ‘show don’t tell’. Like many pieces of writing advice, it’s extremely useful – up to a point. However – also like many…

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