An overview of The Novel Factory

The Novel Factory’s key features and functions are split into sections, which are loosely grouped as follows:

  • The Roadmap
  • Planning and Structure
    • Premise and Synopses
    • Plot Manager
    • Subplot Manager
  • Your Manuscript
  • Supporting Data
    • Characters
    • Locations
    • Items
    • Notes
  • Statistics

The Roadmap

The Roadmap contains a step-by-step guide to writing a novel. This consists of guiding articles, videos and a checklist for you to keep track of your progress.

Planning and Structure

Included sections: Premise and Synopses, Plot Manager and Subplot Manager

This group of sections contains a range of tools to help you get a high level overview of your novel, including a premise breakdown, drag and drop index cards and a more detailed drag and drop grid tool to allow you to keep track of subplots.

Your Manuscript

This is the word processor, where you write your actual novel.

Supporting Data

Included sections: Characters, Locations, Items and Notes

The first three sections in the ‘supporting data’ group – Characters, Locations and Items – all work very similarly. For each of these, when you add one (a character, location, etc.) it creates a card, which you can then open up for more detail.

The Notes section works slightly differently, and is more freeform, allowing you to add and move around your notes on a board.


The Statistics section shows you a variety of analytics to help you keep track of your writing progress.

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