Cancelling your Subscription

For the purposes of cancelling your subscription, its important to understand the distinction between your account and your subscription.

Your ‘account‘ is your Novel Factory account which contains all your novel data. It is what you log into to write your novel.

Your ‘subscription‘ is the recurring payment (or autorenew) which is set up on a monthly or annual basis.

So, you can set up an account, pay for a year and then cancel your subscription, and your account will remain active for the remainder of that prepaid year, even though your subscription has been cancelled.

Cancelling your Subscription

If you’d like to cancel your subscription, please follow these instructions.

Log into your account.

Go to the user menu in the top right hand corner, and from the dropdown, select Manage My Account.

This will open a new tab in your Account Management section.

Click ‘Subscription’ in the top right hand corner.

Click ‘Cancel Subscription’.

Read the information about what happens after you cancel your subscription (essentially that you still have access until the end of the prepaid period).

Click ‘Confirm Cancel Subscription’.

Your subscription will be cancelled.


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