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Upgrading or Downgrading your Subscription

There are various tiers of subscription, and we try to be as flexible as possible so you can switch between them.

So if you sign up for monthly and want to switch to annual, or if you sign up for Basic but then want to upgrade to Standard, that is all possible.

You can also downgrade from annual to monthly, or Standard to Basic, for example, but credit can only be applied to the first payment of a new plan. See below for more details.

To change your plan (upgrade or downgrade), follow these instructions:

Log into your account.

From the user menu in the top right hand corner, click ‘Manage My Account’.

This will open a new tab with your Account Management section.

Click ‘Subscription’ in the top right hand corner.

Click the green button ‘Change Plan’.

Note – if the green button says ‘Resubscribe’ instead of ‘Change Plan’ then it means that you don’t have an active auto-renew set on your subscription. You can still click ‘Resubscribe’ and follow the rest of these instructions if you wish to upgrade.

This will take you to a page with three boxes showing the different subscription options.

You can toggle to view options in monthly or annual.

Click the ‘Change Plan’ button at the bottom of the subscription you would like to change to.

A popup will appear asking if you’re sure you want to change. Click Okay.

Please note that the payment is then made instantly. We are working on improving this, so that it shows you exactly how much you’re going to be charged first, but for the moment it doesn’t do that.

Any credit you still have in your active subscription is applied as a discount.

If you then go to Billing History, you can see the details of the charge.

The option I want is ‘unavailable’

If you are looking to downgrade, it’s possible that the option may be unavailable. This is not a business decision, from our point of view you are free to change plan whenever you wish, to suit your circumstances – this is purely a technical limitation.

If the option you’re looking to change to is greyed out, this is because the amount of credit you have exceeds the cost of switching to that plan. When you change plan, any credit you have is applied to the initial payment, but anything beyond that would be forfeited. We don’t want people to lose credit, therefore the option is unavailable.

For example, if you’re on Basic Annual and you’re halfway through, you would have around $30 of credit in your account. If you wanted to change to Standard Monthly, the initial payment would only be $20, so your credit would cover that, but then the remaining $10 would be lost. Therefore this option is not available.

However, we can manually get round this if you do want to make a change like this, and we’d be happy to help.

So if you’d like to change to a subscription which is unavailable, then please contact us at info@novel-software.com and we will find a solution.

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