How to Hide or Show Panels

As well as being able to create your own Custom Panels and Fields, you can choose which panels to display in any given section of the Novel Factory.

Select which panels are visible

When you create a custom panel it is available across all characters, or locations, or items.

However, you may not wish for it to apply to every character, or location, or item or you may wish to temporarily hide it, without deleting it.

So you can choose whether to hide or display any panel (both custom and classic) on any given character, location or item.

To do this, click the Show/Hide Panels button in the toolbar:

This will bring up a popup with a list of all available panels for that character, location or item – both classic (the ones that are provided for you by Novel Factory) and custom (ones you have created yourself).

To have a panel display for a given character etc, keep the box checked. To hide it, uncheck the box.

This applies to the specific character, location or item you are viewing. It will not affect any of the others.

Note – this applies in the Premise and Synopses section as well.

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