Using the Plot Templates

Many of our users find the Plot Templates one of the most useful features of the Novel Factory, as they help ensure your story has a solid structure.

Plot Templates can be found in the Plot Manager section.

Selecting a Plot Template

To go to the Plot Manager section, click the third item down the main navigation menu, the one that looks like an open book.

In the Plot Manager, click ‘Add Plot Template’.

This will call up a popup, which will give you nine popular genre plot templates to choose from.

If you click on one of the options it will give you more information about that template, and the beats that are included in it.

Browse the plot templates until you find the one best suited to your novel. Click ‘Use this Plot Template’.

The app will generate a series of index cards for you – one for each beat of the Plot Template. Each of the cards will also include extra details about what you might expect to find in that beat of the plot.

Editing the Plot Template

To edit an index card, click on the context menu, and click ‘Edit’.

You will now be able to edit the card’s title and description. When you are finished, click the ‘save’ button.

If you want to add extra index cards to represent more parts of your plot, click the ‘Add Index Card’ button in the top right hand corner.

You can shuffle the index cards around by dragging and dropping, using the grabber icon (four arrows pointing up, down, left right).

Note – you can actually drag a card by clicking anywhere in the header section, not only the grabber.

To learn more about how the Plot Manager works, click here.



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