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Quick Guide to Creating Characters

Creating a Character

To create a character in the Novel Factory, you need to go to the Characters section.

To go there, click the sixth item down in the main navigation – the one that looks like a little person.

Once you’re in the Characters section, click the green button towards the top right, that says ‘Add Character’.

A popup will appear where you can enter a name, brief description of the character (this will show on the front of the character card) and an image.

Enter some details for your character, and add an image from your computer, if you wish.


Click ‘Add’ and a new character card will be created for your character.

To open the character and edit their details, hover over the card until the context menu button appears (a little icon in the top right of the card with three vertical dots). Click on that button, then click ‘Open’.

You will be taken to the full details for that character.

Editing a Character

In the Character Detail section, there are multiple panels to cover various aspects of your character.

Hover over one of the panels and an edit button will appear. (Note that to keep the interface uncluttered, these buttons are hidden until you hover your mouse over a given panel).


Click that and the panel will open up for editing.

Make the changes you’d like to make, then click ‘save’.

When you have finished editing the character, you can return to the characters’ overview by clicking the little grid button just beneath where it says ‘Character List’

For more information about the Characters Overview and Character Details go to the Characters Section article.

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