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Novel Factory Not Responding

If the software is not responding then the first thing to try would be restarting your computer and restarting the software, to see if that helps.

If that doesn’t help, then you’ll need to contact us for assistance. Email us at info@novel-software.com and please send us as much as you can of the following information. The more information we have the faster we will be able to resolve the issue.

  • Please send a screenshot of the app in its non-responding state
  • Are you using the desktop or browser version of the software?
  • If you are using the browser version, which browser?
  • Does this problem start as soon as you open the software, or only after using it for a while?
  • If it happens while already using the software, what were you doing when it happened? I.e. creating a character, editing a scene, editing an index card…
  • If you are able to try the software on a different device, does it have the same problem?

Thank you for your patience and cooperation, and we will do our best to resolve the issue as swiftly as possible.


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