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Adding a new subplot from a Plot Template

One of the Novel Factory’s most useful features, is our selection of plot templates.

The main place you will use the plot templates is in the Plot Manager, which is where you plan out your main plot beats.

However, it’s also possible to use the same plot templates within the Subplot Manager, as a basis for one of your subplots.

For example, your main plot might be a character driven type plot, where the hero chases their dream and learns compassion on the way. For this you might use the Hero’s Journey plot template.

However, your novel might also have a romance as a subplot. If this is the case, then you could choose to use our romance template to give that a decent foundation.

To do that, go to the Subplot Manager, and click Add Plot Template.

From the popup that appears, select the plot template you’d like to use for your subplot.

When you click on that, it will give you a description of what’s included in that plot template. If you change your mind, you can go back to the plot template list and choose a different one.

Once you’re happy, click Use this plot Template. The template will be added as a new subplot column.


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