Subplot Manager

Subplot Manager Overview

The Subplot Manager is designed to help you keep track of multiple subplots, by creating a flexible cross-referenced grid.

You can find it by clicking the fourth option down in the main navigation.

This is what the subplot manager looks like:

Along the left in a single column are your index cards. These mirror what you can see in your Plot Manager.

Next to the index cards are the subplot columns.

The cards within the subplot columns are called subplot/plot events. So this is what a subplot/plot event looks like:

Each subplot event card consists of a title and a description:

Important note – when you use one of Novel Factory’s plot templates in the Plot Manager section to form the core plot of your novel, the plot is added here in  the Subplot Manager both in the main index cards AND as a subplot column:

At first it looks like duplication, but having this means that as your story evolves and you replace the text on the index cards outlining the plot beats, add more cards and shuffle things around – you still have a reference here of the original plot beats. If you don’t feel you need that, you can delete this column.

Along the top is the toolbar:

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