Adding a new Subplot

Adding a new subplot

To add a subplot column, click ‘add subplot’ towards the top right.

This will bring up a popup, where you can enter details of your subplot.

Subplot name

The name of your subplot. For example, ‘romance between Sally and Ben’ or ‘the mystery of the missing vase’.


A brief description of the purpose and thrust of your subplot.


You can assign a colour to your subplot if you wish.

Enter Text into Descriptions or Titles (dropdown)

In the Subplot Manager, each plot event card consists of a title and a description. You can display one or the other, or both. When using this initial popup, you can choose whether your information is inserted into the title or the description section of each of the cards.

Plot Events

Here you can enter some of the events that will happen in your subplot. For example, if you had a subplot relating to a missing vase, the events might be:

  • characters see the vase for the first time, but don’t pay it much attention
  • someone notices the vase is missing
  • an old lady tells them the vase contained mysteries from another world
  • they find a similar vase, but it’s not the right one
  • they find the right vase and use it as a secret weapon

If you’re not sure what the events of this subplot are going to be, you can just leave that area blank.

Once you have completed as much as you want to, click ‘add’.

The new subplot will be added as a new column.



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