Editing subplots in situ

There are various ways you can edit your subplots in the Subplot Manager.

You can edit them within the main grid, so that you can see all the other plot elements alongside, in situ.

Or you can see them in isolation, and edit that subplot only.

In this article we will look at the first option.

If you’d like to see how to edit subplots in isolation, without the distractions of the other subplots, then go to the article ‘Editing Subplots in Isolation’.

Here are the things you can do with a subplot in situ:

  • Edit a subplot event
  • Add a new subplot event
  • Rearrange subplot events
  • Delete a subplot event
  • Reorder subplot columns

Below are instructions for how to do all these things.

Edit a subplot event

To edit a subplot event, hover over the subplot event card, then click on the context menu that appears:

Click ‘edit’ and the card will move into edit mode. You can edit the title and description, and when you’re done, click ‘save’.

Add a new subplot event

To add a new subplot event, hover your mouse over the cell where you would like to add the new subplot event. You can use an empty cell, or one which already has subplot events in it.

(Note that you can only add a subplot event to an existing subplot column. So if the subplot column doesn’t exist, you need to do that first by clicking ‘add new subplot’.)

Click the plus button, and a popup will appear where you can enter a title and description for your subplot/plot event:

Enter the details, and then click ‘save’.

The new subplot event card will be created:

Rearrange subplot events

You can drag and drop subplot events within their cells, columns, or to other columns. When you move a subplot event to a new column it will change its colour coding to match its new home.

Delete a subplot event

To delete a subplot event card, hover over it, then click on the context menu which appears. Click delete:

Reorder subplot columns

You can reorder the subplot columns by dragging and dropping them from the header:

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